Extended Beauty

Editorial with Karen Molinari, Creator Ramin Heidary, Makeup Dario Dos Santos , Photo Ralf Eyertt

Being crazy is the new normal. We can go through life easier with that, we hide behind each other to feel well. We can express what we want. Even if it is only for the moment.
Why normal?
Being crazy has many faces, no matter if we dress “different” or the makeup is extraordinary.
Maybe we already count special habits or hobbies to “different”.
We can dare to dance from the series brings benefits.
Let’s take a look at the successful artists of our time.
We become interesting, respected or a role model. It just needs someone, that do the begin.
From our series “sweet but psycho” Karen Molinari and other models at our first issue show us how to do it.
But the question is…..who is crazy here? creative artist, makeup artist, model, photographer or all?

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